A poem to your struggling self

The struggles in life are real – even if they are purely created by your thoughts. You feel them. Struggle is not a bad thing. Growth and strength come through continuous effort and struggle. Struggle, either mental or physical, is the source of progress.

I’d like to believe that if you are reading this and you look at your setbacks and struggles, you can smile, because they have led you somewhere beautiful. A moment of presence, a story that has changed you and the people around. A rebuilt you.

New struggles will still be ahead. Smile and embrace them! They are part of the journey. You will fail and it is a good thing, because failing means you live with courage, you try something new, you will feel down at times, but you will get up and you will own your story to live a wholehearted life.

Exercise your self-compassion, especially when times are rough. A good reminder is not to be too hard on ourselves. It is not a race towards perfection! You are perfect in your imperfection.

Recently, Susan Cain shared the following poem by Haemin Sunim and I love it. I hope it touches you as well.

Love for Imperfect Things
By Haemin Sunim


It’s okay that you have flaws.
How could our lives be as clean and white as a swan?
Life naturally takes a toll
on our bodies, our minds, and our relationships.
Rather than choosing a life in which you do nothing
for fear of making a mistake,
choose a life that improves through failure and pain.
And shout out loud to your struggling self,
“I love you so much.”


Breathe, smile and live with courage!


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