Drone Footage: American Beauty Car Show 2016 in Haapsalu, Estonia

Ford F6 1951 ja Chevrolet Corvair 1963
American Beauty Car Show in Haapsalu, Estonia has been part of this small resort town’s summer calendar since 2004. There’s an area for show cars, concerts, Sunday morning cruise through the town and a drag race on the old Soviet era runway outside the town.

We spend a big part of our July in Haapsalu, meaning we usually get a fair share of that vibe. I am not a big car fan, though seeing all these different older American cars and hearing all these sounds, does bring up some old memories. Good memories. My father from my exchange student years in the States knew his way around different cars from building drag cars to just keeping family’s hobby cars running, and was just an awesome man in so many ways to look up to. After all these years I have so much love and respect for him.

Then there are some cars that just push your memory buttons and put a smile on your face. Seeing a 1965 Chevy Nova, has the summer 2001 written all over for me. Warm summer in the Seattle area, followed by an epic road trip trough the evergreen state all the way to the Eastern Washington.

Back to the video and pictures here. The idea at first was to just take few shots of the Haapsalu Episcopal Castle with all the cars, but somehow I ended up filming the cruise and also part of the drag race Sunday afternoon on the old Soviet era runway. Hit HD and full screen for the best experience. Enjoy!



Buick Super top view

American Beauty Car Show 2016, LinnusetornPosti tänav, car cruise

drag race, Kiltsi lennuväli

Kiltsi LennuväliCorvette vs El Camino drag race

Mustang vs Camaro drag race

two caminos drag race

Viper vs corvette start

Viper vs Corvette drag race

Camaro vs Viper drag race runway



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