Drone View: On the Set of a New Estonian Movie “Tõde & Õigus (Truth and Justice)

Last week, when visiting Tristan’s grandpa in Southern Estonia, he mentioned that the new Estonian movie “Tõde ja Õigus” (Truth and Justice) – the film adaptation of Anton Hansen Tammsaare’s novel series – was being shot on his brother’s land nearby. We had to see that, of course.

The books are considered to be one of the foundational works of Estonian literature and said to thoroughly capture the developments of Estonian society from about 1870 to about 1930.

For the movie set, the buildings were built from pieces of old wooden buildings to replicate the authentic look of the 19th century country life in Estonia. The details from the outside were very impressive and with the help of computer-generated imagery and an amazing story, this movie has all the potential to become the biggest Estonian movie ever.

According to the production company, there will be 70 shooting days, spanned over 2 years, covering all four seasons. The length of the movie will be approximately 2.5 hours.

The movie is scheduled for release in early 2019 as part of Estonia’s 100th anniversary celebrations.

Having read Tammsaare’s “Tõde & Õigus” years ago at high school, I am looking forward to seeing the movie version of it. Unfortunately the book is not currently available in English, but I am sure the movie will also get English subtitles.


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