Random Shots: Estonian Country Side – Winter ’09/10

I have never seen that much snow as in the last winter. It was just beautiful!

That\’s about 70 cm of snow on this roof – when melting it can equal few hundred kg per square metre.
45 minutes of shoveling and the old barn can be accessed via a small trail
Even though the tiles are new, the construction under them is over 120 years old could give up when the snow starts to melt
After few hours the house is surrounded by big walls of snow and you can safely come back in a few months knowing the roof hasn\’t collapsed
This is not an outside temperature!
The building on the right lost its roof over 20 years ago under a heavy snow – today just stone walls are left of it
On the road chasing the setting sun
That\’s a Porsche 911(type 993) hiding under the snow
Not all buildings can hold up to the weight of snow. In this case an old barn had collapsed under a heavy snow

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