Summer in Haapsalu, Estonia: Seaside Drone Flight From the Old Railway Station to the Promenade

Two weeks ago, early in the morning when enjoying the empty streets of my hometown, I had an idea to capture the early morning stoic vibe from air with the focus on the seaside. I started at the old Railway station/museum and finished at the kids playground on the promenade.

This is Haapsalu from a different perspective and I am always glad to be back. Turn on HD and hit play. Enjoy!

Haapsalu raudteejaam ja muuseum

Haapsalu raudteejaam

Haapsalu vaade viigile

Haapsalu merelt

Holmi rand

Haapsalu holmid merelt

Haapsalu holmid

Haapsalu jahtklubid merelt

Haapsalu rannarootsi muuseum

Cafe Hugo Haapsalu promenaad

Haapsalu kuursaal ja promenaad

Haapsalu promenaad ja mänguväljak

Promenaadi hotell

Haapsalu promenaad

Haapsalu jahtklubid

If you want to learn more about this little town in Western Estonia go to


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