Why I Relaunched My Personal Blog

A few days ago I (re)launched this blog here with a post entitled ‘Finding and creating myself: My Story On How I Got Into Meditation And What It Has Given Me’ – and all after a two plus year break without a single update.

For some time I had thought about bringing the blog back to life with a new design and new content, both written and visual.


Instead of keeping most of my written thoughts and photo/video experiments hidden in some random files on my hard drive or on different note books, I felt there are experiences and thoughts I want to share with the world, even if it touches just a few people, as well as improve my storytelling and English writing skills.

I do share things that I find interesting also on social media, but during a recent marketing conference, a Dutch speaker Bas van den Beld really nailed it for me, when he shared his thoughts that too many companies are building their business on rented land, referring to all the activities we do on social media.

This does not mean we shouldn’t use Facebook or any other social media platform to get our message across and to stay in touch with our followers, but the main platform should be something that is ours, something that we control 100 per cent. This also applies to personal blogs in my opinion.

Blogging benefits?

Besides improving storytelling and writing skills this can also bring awesome people into our lives. When I first launched the blog back in 2010, there was not much content, mostly very simple, brief posts with no depth and the traffic was far from impressive. However, somehow through a post about a Soviet era submarine base, I met Alex from Holland, who became a good friend.

We have travelled together in his home country and he is coming over to Estonia again later this year with his new girlfriend.

The plan?

I don’t have any specific plans on how much content I will put out here. I know I want to write more, experiment more with photo and video, and learn in the process – and as long as I have that feeling in me, I plan on publishing different things here that I find interesting and which touch me.

In essence, I believe we are all very similar, so I am sure there will be posts where you can relate to my experiences and things I am passionate about.

Stay tuned!

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